The High Note: Covid Angst

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

The amount of angst caused by the mixed signals from COVID is creeping on problematic. I mean, this may seem like a “first-world problem”, but it’s a problem none-the-less and it’s relative to many of our situations around the world.

As I’m sitting in my bedroom writing this, I feel that I’m hallucinating distant echoes of college culture.

In fact, it’s actually my birthday soon, which means we’ve been in some sort of a quasi-quarantine for at least a year.

Just sitting at home, shuffling through the same five rooms every day.

Bedroom. Bathroom. Kitchen. Dining Room. Living Room.

You kind of get used to it, right?

It’s like the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”, except that time also flies when you’re made stagnant, stuck with your miserable thoughts, not experiencing the novelties of life.

My 21st birthday was in March 2020- now I’m preparing for March 2021.

But, hey, don’t be too down on yourself. You may want to try and feel “normal”, whatever that means, and you may even convince yourself that you do.

Take a deep breath. Spend time outside. Distract yourself not with mindless entertainment, but with the joys offered through learning new skills, calling (not texting) the people you love, playing with your pets, and remembering that the little anxieties and distractions you may be feeling in your head right now are likely just that, little distractions.

’til next time,